Lifetime Services 


CasementCrankS.pngRepair Faulty Window Crank Mechanisms as soon as you can. It's not worth the frustration of trying to open or close your window and the more you operate it, the more parts that may need to be replaced. We can fix your crank mechanism and keep your windows working as they should.






Glass Replacement is replacing only the glass portion of the window. This is done when the seal fails or when you’ve broken a window and need it repaired. Most window frames are designed to be able to remove and replace the double pane Integrated glass unit (IGU). So, if you have fogged windows or cracked glass, we can replace your failed thermal pane glass. 



windowTypesS.pngWindow Replacement is changing out the entire window, frame and all. This is generally done when old windows are replaced with new thermal pane windows. Sometimes a window is not maintained and becomes damaged and must be replaced. We hope you call us before that happens but, we can take care of these replacements as well.


We know windows. We have been in the business since 1976. We only fix what needs to be fixed and will keep your windows in top-notch operating condition. Give us a call. . . you'll be happy you did.